"Mr. Bjornson quickly resolved a most difficult divorce while I was in the military and stationed in another state. My life is back to normal now."*

- Capt. K. Graham
U.S. Army

"I am a IT professional consultant. When I first met Mr. Bjornson, I found myself in the most precarious of legal positions owing over $80K in back child support, facing contempt charges as well as possible incarceration. With Erik's help, I was able to avoid a court hearing completely and save literally over $10,000 that could have been claimed against me. I have continued to use the expertise of Mr. Bjornson on related civil matters resulting in my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend Mr. Bjornson."*

- T. Fallin

"Although I had been married a great many years, Mr. Bjornson was able to settle my divorce case with each of us receiving an equal share of the assets with no maintenance being awarded. I was able to keep all of my military retirement."*

- Col. (Ret) C. Sweeney
U.S. Army

"With Mr. Bjornson's assistance, and with some intense litigation, I was able to obtain and keep split custody of my son all while I was on active duty in the military."*

- Capt. M. Short
U.S. Army

"I was very pleased that Mr. Bjornson was able to resolve my entire divorce with a good result while I was stationed as a nurse in Korea."*

- Capt. C. Guinn

"Erik Bjornson worked with me as a clerk, then as an associate, and finally as a partner from 1993 to 2000. He has demonstrated his knowledge and proficiency of military retirement issues a great many times and assisted many servicemembers."*

- Col. Stan Kanarowski (Ret)
U.S. Army, attorney at law

* Disclaimer : Of course each case is different and the result obtained depends on a great number of factors including the client and the facts of each case. Prior results should not create an expectation about results in an individual case.

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